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Product Branding

Product Branding

Why not make ‘our product yours’ by branding your own range of Cables, Coils or Connectors.

Ready Shelf Packaging

Ensuring your product gets to the shelf quicker, our ready shelf packaging can come in many formats, boxes, bags, header cards amounts, product mix and labelling. All aimed to reduce waste of package and time.


We have all been at the point where we go, that’s not what I thought it was… or this isn’t good enough for my client! Why not ask us to help you? Whether it is a defective product or a modification, no job is too small or complicated.

Product and Partner sourcing

Working with you to help streamline your procurement function. We can support you with product control and management reducing the amount of time wasted through managing and controlling low volume suppliers.

These value-added processes can ensure that your product is ready to be despatched quickly from your warehouse or save time on your production line.

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Customising Autac products to carry your company name adds value to your brand when it matters most.

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