Autac shortens design to manufacturing lead time with SolidWorks

Forever innovation is a cornerstone of Autac’s approach. That’s a commitment that the company has continued to honour throughout Covid-19; and all thanks to its investment in technology.

David Lowe, Autac’s Managing Director, explains what led to the company’s decision to invest in the SolidWorks CAD technology,

“Innovation is nothing if not fast paced and it’s important that our skills at Autac continue to reflect the very latest industry thinking – across our cables, coils and connectors and now our ambitions in EV manufacture. SolidWorks is one example of software which is constantly evolving to offer even greater returns on maximising design and productivity. So many of our products are bespoke and we’re committed to continually pushing the boundaries to accelerate our design to manufacturing lead time. SolidWorks provides us with that opportunity in very immediate ways.”








Autac’s KTP associate, Kamaal Ali, has been tasked with becoming Autac’s resident SolidWorks expert. He explains the impact SolidWorks has on his work,

“Studying in SolidSolutions’ virtual and physical classrooms has allowed me to hone the 3D modelling skills which I first practised whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at Kingston University London.

The beauty of engineering drawings is that it can be done in a number of ways as long as it communicates the information as clearly as possible. In the past, I would simply create a drawing using a line at a time and then rely on my annotations to define the technical information. This could be extremely taxing on time and there was no real way of getting really technical in the drawing itself.

“We’re now at an extremely exciting stage of the EV project where I’m beginning to see my EV designs move from paper to 3D SolidWorks models. The final stage of seeing the physical 3D printed prototypes of the project designs will soon follow, and that’s only been made possible by utilising the testing simulations that SolidWorks provides.”

“The most immediate benefit I have derived from the training was the discovery of a more efficient way of using features that cuts down a 5-hour designing session to a mere 30 minutes!”

Autac’s investment brings very immediate benefits to its customers:

  • The creation of large assembly drawings within seconds. This can be done exactly to scale giving customers a useful concept of size.
  • Highly visual representations of products that customers can open up and explore in  360-degree view; all without the need to have SolidWorks installed themselves.
  • It allows for more experimentation and innovation during the design process. “I’m not sure exactly how a 20 core cable would sit together” might be a customer comment. Autac’s response? “Let’s task SolidWorks with finding out!”

Added together, the results for Autac customers are clear. SolidWorks offers a quicker route from design to manufacturing, and all the opportunities that affords in terms of beating the competition to market.


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