Five things you need to know about Jump Leads

1)What is a Jump Lead?

A Jump Lead allows the transfer of battery power from one vehicle to another in the event of battery failure. All vehicles apart from HGVs should carry a set during the winter months.

2) Are Autac Jump Leads electrically efficient?

Autac’s crocodile connectors are extremely tough and have a very strong spring ensuring they grip tightly to the battery terminals. This, along with the use of virgin copper in all Autac’s cables increases their efficiency.

3) What are the specifications of Autac’s Jump Leads?

Autac’s Jump Leads are available in 25mm2, 35mm2 and 50mm2 cable options. The bigger the cable, the more heavy duty.

25mm is suitable for standard applications like jumping car to car for short periods. Jumping them for too long will render them very hot and in danger of burning the cables. 35mm carries a heavier current but without the danger of burning out and is suited to jumping heavier batteries on vehicles such as pickups and vans.

4) What are the available lengths?

Lengths vary from 2 metres through to 10 metres. A short 2-metre jump lead is suitable when two cars of a similar size are parked side by side. However, a car and, say, a pickup truck or van, will need a longer length because of the distance between the two batteries.

5) What’s so special about an Autac jump lead?

All Autac’s Jump Leads are made to the highest standard quality. Virgin copper, tough quality connectors, all made here in the UK company with good old- fashioned family values and manufacturing history. They come with their own smart storage bag to keep them tidy and to hand.

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