Five things you need to know about Autoprene Coils

1) What is an Autoprene Coil?

The Autoprene Coil is an electrical cable which, together with a moulded plug, offers a moisture-proof long-life connection between tractor and trailer.


2) How resistant is an Autoprene Coil?

Autac’s unique Grey Autoprene Rubber sheath is highly resistant to abrasion, salty atmosphere, ozone and other hostile environments.


3) What’s the ideal environment for an Autoprene Coil?

Autoprene Coils are ideal for general fleets as well as fleets specialising in Fuel and Hazardous Environments.

4) What are the specifications of Autac’s Autoprene Coil?

Working lengths range from 3.0m to 4.5m as standard with bespoke options also available on request.  Our coils are made up of 7 Cores (6×1.00mm2 & 1×2.00mm2) which are fully insulated with PVC.

Moulded Plugs 24V (N) & (S) or 12V (N) & (S) ensure a moisture-proof long-life connection between tractor and trailer.


5) Are Autac’s Autoprene Coils certified?

Like all other Autac products, Autac’s Autoprene Coils carry the prestigious ‘Made In Britain’ quality mark. They are also manufactured to the ISO 9001 standard for both Design and Manufacture of Electric Retractable Cables and are guaranteed and are 100% tested before despatch.

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