Five things you need to know about Anderson Connectors

1) What is an Anderson Connector?

An Anderson Connector is a high current and waterproof DC electrical connector.

2) In which environments are Anderson Connectors used?

Anderson Connectors are used across the globe in the industrial and commercial vehicle environments.

3) What are the specifications of Anderson connectors?

Anderson 175a and 350a SB series connect to Autac’s Power Cables and Coils. They are available as 2 Pin connectors and are genuine Anderson parts.

4) Why are Autac and Anderson the perfect match?

Anderson’s safety record is well known but of course high quality in connectors can only manifest itself when the right coils and cables are used. Autac’s similarly impressive track record not only brings in-depth knowledge in coils and cables but also expert assembly using crimping machines and cable strippers.

5) Are Anderson and Autac ISO accredited?

Yes, Anderson Power and Autac Products are both ISO 9001 quality certified companies.

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