Finding strength in numbers in the Manufacturers Alliance

Proud of its status as an essential business, Autac succeeded in fulfilling all orders on time throughout lockdown. Stellar performance from its staff and unfailing support from its customers made this possible but there was one other partner that played a key role; the Manufacturers Alliance.

The Manufacturers Alliance is a membership organisation that supports the growth of SME manufacturing businesses across the industrial heartlands of the North of England and North Wales. It connects the most ambitious people across the world of manufacturing.

Since it joined as a member almost two years ago, Autac has benefited from the relationships that come from sharing the best of business ideas and practice.

Never was that support more critical than during lockdown, as David Lowe, Autac’s Managing Director, explains,

“During the early weeks of lockdown, there was a huge pressure on key businesses like Autac simply to get it right. Not just for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and their families but also for the country as a whole which was relying on Autac cables powering customers’ fleets and delivering essential supplies on time. “At any time, our membership of the Manufacturers Alliance helps us to broaden our knowledge and experience. Particularly so during lockdown when we were able to benchmark our decisions through a crisis by using other Alliance members as a sounding board.”

David Lowe - Managing Director

For Autac customers, the company’s membership of the Alliance brings immeasurable benefits. Forever innovation is a key focus of Autac’s ambitious roadmap, and access to the latest manufacturing knowhow on subjects ranging from product development to marketing, HR and IT, means that Autac remains firmly ahead of the curve.

Adam Lowe, Sales Manager at Autac, describes the benefits he derived from one of the Alliance’s training programmes,

“I studied the ‘Team Leader Development Program’ which was spread over eight months as bite-sized 20 modules. It gave me great one-to-one learning and the ability to road test ideas with the group to see what works in other manufacturing businesses.”

Adam Lowe - Sales Manager

As the UK manufacturing industry looks to the critical role it will play in the UK’s recovery, the peer-to-peer support offered by the Manufacturers Alliance has never been more important, as Gary Sheader, Founder of The Manufacturers Alliance, describes,

“You would need to have been under a rock for the past five months to not be affected by Covid-19. It has unapologetically impacted the global economic landscape and turned our personal lives upside down. I take my hat off to humble business leaders like Dave Lowe, who have been working tirelessly to keep the UK economy in the best possible state for recovery. He has been a member of one of our peer groups for a couple of years now, and has been the epitome of what a great member looks like for us: always going the extra mile to support others, keen to learn and grow as a person, and super ambitious.”

Gary Sheader - Founder of the Manufacturers Alliance

Autac is looking forward to October when it will host a best practice site visit, welcoming other members of the Alliance to its Macclesfield factory. A particular focus for the event will be sharing an insight into Autac’s rebranding journey and the lessons learned along the way.


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