New Autac and Bessie System partnership champions safety and efficiency

Autac is delighted to confirm its new partnership with manufacturers of the Bessie System, CM Engineering Ltd. The new collaboration allows haulage firms to buy one complete package comprising Autac cables and the Bessie system, offering peace of mind on quality and safety and reducing the callout inconvenience and cost.

Bessie (or ‘Best Engineered Spannerless System In Europe’ to give it its full name) is an airline system for trucks of all ages. It is designed to help haulage companies save on the expense of  fractured airlines or ‘suzies’ as they are widely known.

A common fault in airline systems occurs where the coil interfaces with the union. Any loss of connection to the service line can lead to the uncontrollable movement of the tractor. Consequences are significant for all parties: the safety implications for the driver and all others in the vicinity, the inconvenience of a blocked road and the cost of waiting for repair.

On average, a callout for a fractured airline costs £250. Add to that, the additional expense of driver overtime payments and any late delivery penalties.






The award-winning, O.S.A and M.I.R.A approved Bessie System reduces the need for such callouts thereby significantly reducing financial outlay. It takes only 20 minutes or less to fit and can be installed from new or as part of a vehicle’s 6-weekly inspection. As well as a cost saving, it also saves time for the busy haulier. Once fitted, the system allows the driver to change any damaged airline in minutes and be back on the road without waiting for an engineer. The driver simply replaces the damaged coil with a new one until the depot VMU is reached. Importantly, he or she is able to change the airline safely and legally. Since it is fitted into the original union on the catwalk gantry, VOSA considers it to be a like-for-like replacement and therefore not a notifiable alteration. This is quite the contrast to other airline systems which, if repaired by individuals other than qualified engineers, can risk a corporate manslaughter charge should any subsequent accident result in death.


The significance of the new partnership is explained by David Lowe, Autac’s MD,

“The safety and quality of our products is the cornerstone of everything we do here at Autac. There’s a certain amount of respect that needs to be granted to the connection between a tractor unit and a trailer, and our new partnership does just that – bringing together our industry-leading cables with Bessie which is still the only quick release system on the market.”

The Bessie system will fit any make of truck, all A frames or straight onto the chassis. Included in the Bessie/Autac package are: 1 x EBS, 1 x Twin coil adapter (2 x 7pin to 15pin) or 1 x 7N & 1x 7S, with both red and yellow airlines. The coils are all 4M working length and the airlines are antikink with M18F fittings on both ends. It’s particularly ideal for multi fleet as one line fits all tractor units.

Large fleets interested in seeing Bessie in action may be interested in a visit from Bessie’s training vehicle which is fitted with the complete system.

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