Why the switch to EV is the perfect addition to your CSR

When you think of your bottom line, do you consider your triple bottom line? It’s a term coined by John Elkington, famed British management consultant, when describing the importance of CSR in 1994.

The three pillars that make up the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit – should sit firmly at the heart of any company’s CSR. Initiatives that take all three into account are undoubtedly the most successful.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Manchester-based Prevent Breast Cancer to work on a new initiative that will help to reduce the number of families facing the heartache of a breast cancer diagnosis, whilst at the same time helping to protect the environment and improve a company’s financial performance.

Our campaign involves raising funds in support of breast cancer awareness through the sale of our specially developed pink EV cables.

For interested business owners and fleet managers, there are a number of compelling reasons to electrify their fleet now:


Companies that ‘do the right thing’ are adept at reading the national, or international, mood. Being amongst the first to take action and adopt EV now rather than waiting for the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel-engined cars and vans in 2030, wins both respect and brand loyalty; not only amongst customers, staff and suppliers but also other important stakeholders. Such bold, progressive action attracts like-minded people, be they future members of staff or investors.

There’s also a particular group of people who stand to benefit from a corporate commitment to EV.

As Director of Prevent Breast Cancer, Nikki Barraclough, explains,

“The pandemic has resulted in a dramatic drop in our income and the support of companies is more important now than ever before.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Autac and excited to see how many cables we can sell. The funds raised will support our vital research, and help the charity to continue its work raising awareness of the signs and symptoms and the different risk factors of this devastating disease.”


The World Health Organisation estimates that no fewer than 4.2 million of the world’s population die prematurely because of ambient air pollution. There is growing evidence too that poor respiratory health linked to living in a polluted area increases the risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19.

The world has become less mobile because of Covid. An increase in ordering online – whether it be groceries or other consumer goods – is likely to stay beyond current lockdown measures. This means that retailers and transport companies will have an even bigger presence on the roads, and consumers will pay even more attention to those like John Lewis and Asda who have been energetic in their push to electric.


There’s a very tangible impact on profit when a company makes a shift to electrifying their fleets of vans, lorries and buses.

Firstly, the tax benefit. It’s been law since April 2020 that fleet operators choosing an electric vehicle will not be taxed on their Benefit in Kind.

Secondly, the benefit of reduced running costs. A commercial van is expected to run on as little as 2-3p per mile.

Finally, the long-lasting PR and goodwill a company derives from being true to the values of sustainability.

A total of 5% of the net price of every Autac pink cable will be donated to Prevent Breast Cancer’s vital work (Reg Charity No: 1109839). It is the only charity in the UK to fund ground-breaking research solely aimed at preventing breast cancer for future generations.

As our Managing Director, David Lowe, explains,

“I and my wife Sallie, Autac’s Finance Director, are both really passionate about supporting Prevent Breast Cancer. Sallie’s sister, Julie, sadly lost her 4-year battle with the disease at the age of only 51.

“Whilst we manufacture custom-made cables in any colour, we opted for a pink EV cable as it best represents our relationship with the charity. We’d encourage any business owner or fleet manager that has made or is in the process of making the switch to an electrified fleet, to invest in our British-made cables and lend their support to this worthwhile cause.”

The cables can be bought individually from Autac’s ebay page or larger orders by contacting +44 (0) 1625 619 277.


5% of the profit from the sale of our EV Cable will be donated to Prevent Breast Cancer (Reg Charity No: 1109839).

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