A new generation of cable assembly

After a long heritage in cable manufacture, Autac Products Ltd took the decision in 2019 to turn its attentions to cable assembly.

We’ve been taking the time over the last year to really analyse what’s needed to deliver high-quality, custom cable assemblies, cable harnesses and wiring looms.

Here’s what we’ve concluded:

Cable assembly needs tailored solutions

Like cable design, there is no one size fits all for cable assembly. Customers expect – and rightly so – a bespoke solution. Autac’s approach to solving our customers’ challenges is very much based on ‘Inside Out’; really getting to know their businesses, their people; their hopes and aspirations; and their commercial drivers. Our business is built on listening and responding to what’s needed, when it’s needed.

Cable assembly is constantly evolving

Our customers might have already made something, might be thinking of making something or have something that requires a revamp or complete overhaul. In order to remain competitive and relevant, cable assembly needs to be regularly assessed, audited and improved.

Autac’s newly established Innovation Lab is where our best ideas come to fruition. Where the latest research is married with technical knowhow and where our focus is coming up with financially viable, efficient solutions for our customers.

Cable assembly requires a can do attitude

No unnecessary process, no overly-complicated decision making. That’s what has set the Autac Products business apart and it’s these guiding principles which are also the foundation for our Autac Assemblies and Autac EV arms.

Quality is king

Wherever an electronic fails, it’s down to one of two things: its components or how it’s been assembled, perhaps sometimes both. We know what makes a quality product – we know how to source and audit the best suppliers, we know which criteria and accreditations are important, and we know how to implement a fully robust, quality assurance process.

Our experienced ‘Test and Inspection’ team are fully equipped to test multi-point HI pot, resistance, continuity and capacitance measurement whilst providing full traceability and test reports for each assembly.


We look forward to sharing more about our ambitions in Assemblies over the coming months. In the meantime, you can learn about Autac Assemblies here.

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