The family ties that bind us

Today is International Day of Families so it’s a fitting time to celebrate the family ties that bind our team here at Autac.

It’s the critical role of our ‘work family’ that our third generation family business has relied upon over recent weeks in our quest to keep Britain’s supply chain moving during lockdown. A virtual overnight change to support socially-distanced split shifts, extended working hours and a gargantuan team effort has meant that each and every contract has been fulfilled on time and vital food distribution fleets have been kept on the move.

Our Finance Director, Sallie Lowe, describes what the Autac family means to her,

“When I joined Autac some thirty years ago at the age of 16, it was not my family’s business. It quickly however became so – first in my heart, and finally in name when I acquired it in 2016 with my husband David.

“We’re an incredibly close-knit team. Like many small businesses, we understand that it’s that bond, dedication and unshakeable commitment to customer service that sees companies through the good times and the bad.

“I’m not sure I would ever have conceived that my husband would join me in the business; never mind our two sons Adam and Freddie, and niece Sarah. Working with so many family members is certainly not for the fainthearted! There is no escape as you live, eat, breathe and sleep the company.

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“But it works because the fabric of our business has always been ‘family’– the sweat and tears are shed by every member of the team; blood relative or not! That’s an ethos of which we’re fiercely and justifiably proud, and never more so than at the current time.”

Sallie Lowe, Finance Director Autac.

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