5 things you need to know about Autac’s Commercial Vehicle (CV) Retractable Cables:

1.   Which vehicles are Autac’s CV Retractable Cables suitable for?

Autac’s range of CV Retractable Cables are manufactured to suit the needs of all Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and Caravans, whether they be standard or bespoke applications.


2.   Which material is used to produce Autac’s CV Retractable Cables?

Autac uses a blend of PU (Polyurethane) and PA12 Nylon to manufacture its CV Retractable Cables. This combination of material gives the coils flexibility, oil and abrasion resistance and anti-kink properties, and works well across a wide temperature range.


3.  What types of (CV) Retractable Cables does Autac supply?

Autac supplies all standard commercial vehicle coils, including:




Twin Coil Adaptors (15 – 2 x 7pin S&N)

15 Pin

13 Pin

4. How can Autac guarantee the quality of its CV Retractable Cables?

There are lots of reasons why our CV Retractable Cables are known for their quality. They proudly carry the Made in Britain hallmark, and are expertly manufactured with every single coil meticulously checked by our engineers before leaving our North West factory. They are produced using only the highest quality virgin raw materials. Our waterproof, highly durable moulded plugs are built to last and are the plug of choice from some of the largest fleets in the UK to date.

5. What size of (CV) Retractable Cables is available?

Like most types of Autac cables, it’s within our capabilities to manufacture bespoke length or adaptions on request.

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