How do we keep your drivers and engineers safe on the catwalk?

Here at Autac, the Safety and Quality of our products and services are at the core of everything we do.

Aware of the number of accidents linked to the coupling and uncoupling of electrical coils, our Autac team was keen to find a suitable solution and reduce as much as possible the risk to drivers and engineers.

We have been working together with one of the most renowned sliding rail, Euroboom & A-Frame manufacturers in the UK (Nexus® Vehicle Systems), to develop and increase the performance of our electrical coils in line with the end customer requirements to produce the most robust and best performing coils available on the market to date, our Autac Elite range.

The challenge was to reduce the need to climb onto the catwalk and therefore eliminate the safety risk to driver or engineers. By combining our high quality coils, that are manufactured to last from our site in Macclesfield in the UK, using the best possible materials, and ensuring longevity and robustness and the concept of the Nexus® Trailer Slider we are able to reduce the need to access the catwalk and therefore significantly decreasing the number of accidents.


When articulated vehicles turn, any spiral coils running from the truck to the trailer will be stretched or squeezed as the vehicle corners. The Nexus® Trailer Slider has a free-flowing distribution plate that is attached to the headboard of the trailer and moves from side to side, which not only protects the Autac coils during the turn, but also enables much tighter turning circles. The distribution plate can be easily pulled to the side of the vehicle to assist the driver when coupling or uncoupling and therefore removing the need to climb onto the catwalk. This plate, combined with the benefits of prolonging the life of the Autac coils, means that these products together have become a must have in terms of safety.

Nexus® Trailer Sliders fit most trailer types and enable the trailer to be coupled very closely to the truck, thereby also reducing the drag from the trailer and increasing the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. These sliding rails are engineered to exacting standards to ensure that the plate can continue to slide freely for the life of the vehicle with minimum maintenance. And once fitted with our high quality Autac coils, ensures high performance and the safety of drivers and engineers.

“All the team here at Autac are extremely pleased to be expanding our relationship with Nexus and together making a safer working environment for the Haulage industry”

David Lowe, Managing Director, Autac.

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