Developing the future of Autac through mentoring

Mentoring is incredibly important for the succession and longevity of Autac and is embedded throughout the organisation. From the senior managers, to our teams on the shop floor we have a variety of schemes that support our culture and lead the way to cultivating a stronger future for our organisation.

Our “Buddy Scheme” helps us to make sure our new starters feel welcome and settle in as quickly as possible, through induction and training of course, but also by addressing the more informal – but equally important – aspects of working life such as where are the toilets? What time’s lunch? Can I get myself a cuppa when I want or is the etiquette to make a brew for everyone? Do I need to park in a particular space?

Peer to peer mentoring enables us to support new employees and encourages more experienced members of the team to step up, get involved and take ownership for the wellbeing and overall dynamics of their department.

And how we are building and developing our senior leadership team is also based on a mentoring approach where we sit down with each member of the team and plan their career and personal development and help them to think more strategically about their goals and ambitions for the future.

Maybe some are less experienced than others, or freshly into more managerial roles, we recognise that by encouraging them to be a part of the team, taking part in discussions and decision making is key to their progression, ability and self-confidence.

We are giving them further insight and experience into what it means to run a business, what it takes to run a business and actually what it takes to run a successful business and to work as a team.

Mentoring and creating experiences in this way is vital to growing our business and has in fact accelerated our growth and expansion here at Autac. By sharing our know-how, skills and ways of thinking about things, we open the business to new perspectives and opportunities as well as future-proofing our in-house culture, knowledge and experience.

As we say here at Autac, “Knowledge is Power” and the most important thing is sharing that with our people, customers and key partners.

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