Culina partnership helps to lift grocery supplies load

Pressure on the supply of groceries has been at the forefront of our nation’s minds over recent weeks. Welcome news then that a leading food and drinks logistics company and cable company have joined forces to lighten the load.

Food and drinks warehouse and distribution company Culina Group often describes how, after 25 years in business, they are ‘in it for the long haul’. This desire to build legacy is reflected in every aspect of the business – from their commitment to environmental credentials to their investment in quality products and equipment.

It’s this focus on the long term that extends to its relationships with its partners. For a number of years, Culina Group has relied upon cable manufacturer Autac’s electric and air coils to keep their 1,750 vehicle fleet on the move.

So, when selecting a supplier of charging cables for their mechanical handling equipment (MHE), such as their forklift trucks, Autac was the perfect choice.

Autac cables are now used for charging the equipment used for lifting pallets of food across three of Culina Groups key chilled and ambient food warehouses, with plans being drawn up to extend this support to Culina Group’s entire MHE.

“Having worked with Autac for some time, we already had first-hand experience of their excellent customer service and solutions-based attitude. They really listen to our requirements and work with us and support us, providing flexibility and adapting their processes to fit our needs, particularly during times of uncertainty such as the current COVID pandemic. This stalwart British family business makes and assembles their cables here in the UK so we’ve got the additional reassurance of on-time delivery and high quality standards.”

As Mark Matkin, Fleet Director at Culina Group

A strong commitment to green credentials is another common interest shared by the two companies.

As David Lowe, Autac’s Managing Director, comments,

Autac’s investment in electric vehicle charging cable manufacture lies at the heart of our innovation roadmap. Culina Group’s commitment to looking after the environment is equally as impressive, with the launch of its LNG (liquified natural gas) fleet of vehicles.”

For both companies, minimising waste is a key component of our partnership. Many MHE cable leads are often thrown away even when they display only minimum damage. Our agreement involves Culina Group returning the leads to us for inspection and then recycling.”

This means we only need replace the damaged parts and can re-use those parts that remain fit for purpose. Material and cost savings aside, it means that, together, we’re playing a key role in reducing landfill. That and keeping the nation fed of course!”

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