Autac launches new buddy scheme

How do you make sure a new starter feels welcome as quickly as possible in your business? That’s a process our HR team have been putting great effort into refining recently.

Staff induction and training aside, what of the more informal – but equally important – aspects of working life? Where are the toilets? What time’s lunch? Can I get myself a cuppa when I want or is the etiquette to make a brew for everyone? Do I need to park in a particular space? They might seem insignificant but if we all cast our minds back to our first day in a new job, we’ll remember how much we wanted to get the little things right.

In order to help our new starts settle in as quickly as possible, Autac has launched its New Starter Buddy Scheme. Anyone joining will be buddied up with an established member of the team who has been with us for at least nine months. The buddy will work with the new staff member – meeting with them, ensuring they’re up to speed on anything they need, listening to any concerns, and making it clear that no question is a silly one.

Improving our onboarding in this way brings significant benefits to our business. Team members who feel valued and embedded in the business from the get go. Not only that, it empowers existing team members, giving them the responsibility and reward of playing their part in a colleague’s development.

When we rebranded the company in 2016, we made sure that our ethos ‘helping you to succeed’ was captured in our strapline. You’ll see it on our website, in our marketing literature, and on our internal signage in our factory and offices. It’s a value that sums up our desire not only to help our customers innovate and grow, but also the team who make up our third generation family business.


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