If you had the choice, which colour of cable would you opt for?

The range of colours of many cable manufacturers is, rather disappointingly, limited to green, black, blue and orange. With our commitment to meeting our customers’ bespoke requirements, Autac’s cables are available in any colour, and can be matched to any pantone. We use a range of colour concentrates which give quality, long-lasting finishes.


There are two key reasons why Autac customers choose a coloured cable:

  1. Brand identity

Is your brand identity consistent? Colour is an important part of any brand, and careful thought needs to go into where that colour can be extended beyond your logo, website and marketing material. Uniforms and lorries are usually the first to be considered, but what if the curly coils of your lorry or cables in the factory could also carry the exact colour of your brand?

It gives your customers, staff and partners alike the confidence that you have given due consideration to your identity as a company. If you’re that diligent about your branding, it speaks volumes about your approach to consistency and accuracy, and eye for detail across all your operations.

Whether it’s for one of the UK’s Big 5 supermarkets or for the most iconic precision agriculture tractors, you’ll find Autac’s cables and plugs on proud display.


  1. Easier identification.

Being able to identify a cable or coil more easily has lots of benefits. Choosing different colours for different product functions allays any confusion about which cable does which job. It means that users can perform tasks more quickly, more efficiently, and without making mistakes.


Autac’s Coloured Cables are manufactured to the ISO 9001 standard for both Design and Manufacture of Electric Retractable Cables and are guaranteed and are 100% tested before despatch. They are available in any length.

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