5 things you need to know about Autac Airline Coils:

  1. What are Autac Airline Coils made of?

Autac’s Airline Coils are a blend of PU (Polyurethane) and PA12 Nylon.


  1. Why does Autac use PU in its Airline Coils?

PU gives the coils flexibility, oil and abrasion resistance, and anti-kink properties ( a smaller diameter of 50mm also decreases the risk of coil entanglement). Added to that, PU is effective in working at a wider temperature range.


  1. Why does Autac use PA12 Nylon?

PA12 Nylon gives the coils the burst strength and durability while the truck is manoeuvring from lock to lock. It also protects against the elements and various temperatures.


  1. Can Autac Airline Coils be fitted to any truck/ trailer combination?

Yes. All our Airline Coils come with M18 female fittings which enable adapters to be fitted to suit any truck/trailer combination.


  1. What size of Airline Coil is available?

Hose sizes of up to 4 metres in working length are available. Yellow dictates the SERVICE line and connects the foot brake and handbrake from truck to trailer. Red dictates the EMERGENCY line should the yellow fail.

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