EBS – 24V (Electronic Braking System) ISO 7638-1

5 things you need to know about EBS Coils

1) How does it work?

  • An electronic control signal from the brake pedal sensors is electronically processed in the EBS control unit and then sent to the pressure control modules with practically no time delay.
  • The pressure control modules pneumatically adjust the required brake pressure in the wheel cylinders and simultaneously send the sensor signals from the wheel area to the EBS control unit.
  • The pneumatic working circuits for actuating the brake cylinders in the towing vehicle and trailer are established in the same way as the dual-circuit, dual-line braking system.
  • The EBS reverts to a pure compressed air braking system with two compressed air circuits in the event of faults. Pressure is then built up in the brake cylinders when braking, without control depending on the position of the brake pedal. Electronic and therefore instant activation of the brakes via the pressure control modules enables the driver to experience a similarly direct braking sensation as in passenger cars.

2) How is the EBS connected?

From the truck to the trailer via an EBS 7 pin coiled cable. The coiled cable allows for the expansion and retraction of the coil as the truck moves from lock to lock during manoeuvres.

3) How many pins does it include?

There are seven pins in total designed to accommodate wire sizes ranging from 1.5 to 4 mm²: Plus Electrovalve; Plus Electronics; Minus Electronics; Minus Electrovalve; Warning Device; Can_Hb; and Can_Lb.

Each pin has a dedicated function, as indicated below.

4) Do our EBS coils conform to ISO standards?

Yes. Our EBS coils and plugs conform to ISO 7638-1 and ISO 4141 (Parts 1-4) and are manufactured at our site in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

5) Is the EBS plug and socket available for 12V systems?

It certainly is. It has an ISO 7638-2 reference (24V is ISO 7638-1). The only difference is the location of the keyway allowing the plug and socket to connect without the chance of mis-mating to a 24V system.

Below is a diagram showing the location of each pin and the position of the 24V keyway.

ABS – Anti-lock braking system. This is the minimum requirement for most trucks and trailers. On truck-trailers and articulated trucks, the ABS system also prevents jack-knifing of the trailer during emergency braking. ABS has been required by law since 1999 on articulated trucks and truck-trailers above 3.5 tons overall weight and on buses with more than eight passenger seats.

It uses the same 7 pin connector as in the EBS systems, but only uses the first 5 pins and does not utilise the pins 6 and 7. ABS cables (with only 5 conductors are also available from Autac)

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