Five things you need to know about Adaptor Coils

1. What is an Adaptor Coil?

An Adaptor Coil joins two cable coils as one. As such, it is sometimes known as a ‘Siamese’ Coil. It is a popular choice for multi trailer changing activity.

2. How does it work?

The Adaptor Coil comprises of 2 x 7 Core coils both at 6 x 1.00mm2 and

1 x 2.00mm2.

We also offer a choice for the 7 Core cable (3637) which is 6 x 0.75mm2 and 1 x 1.50mm2 or 8607 which is 6 x 1.00mm2 and 1 x 2.00mm2 but with heavy duty
One has an ‘N’ (normal) moulded plug fitted and one has an ‘S’ (supplementary) moulded plug fitted. They are then both fitted into a single 15 Pin plug.

The specifications for 15-pole Adaptor Cables are as follows:

Although most are wired with standard wiring, there are other combinations that are occasionally used.

3. When can an Adaptor Coil be used?

Since the coils support multi trailer changing activity, they are the ideal choice for Mixed Fleet and Trailer Options.

They can be used on pre-constructed combinations and have two key benefits relating to safety and efficiency: reducing the need for socket activity at the rear of the tractor unit; and, as a driver aid, using multi-socket structures on tractor units and trailers.

4. What’s the choice in length of Adaptor Cables?

All Cable and Cores are available in working lengths of 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 metres. Bespoke sizes and wiring configurations are also available on request.

5. Do adaptor cables conform to ISO standards?

Adaptor cables conform to ISO 12098 15-pin trailer connectors.

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