Case study

Lighting Towers – Security Cables

The Challenge

A lighting tower is no longer just a tool for casting a light over a security yard or building site.

Innovation has now brought the requirement for video recording and audio security support. But how do you get this in one cable?

Our customer came to us with a rough concept, but with no real knowledge or understanding as to how it could be done or if it was possible.

The Process & solution

We listened to our customer’s requirements and expectations in what is an ever-evolving market which has grown from traditionally lights to one which now encompasses voice, camera and infra-red. There’s a demand for more advanced cables but still with the capability of retractability / coiling.

We developed new cable functionality to our conventional cable constructions which introduced products such as CAT 5 and 6, COAX and DATA cable.

These advanced cable constructions have now been in the field for a number of years and are continuously developing to maintain functionality at the highest standard.


With exceptional turnaround, we were able to quickly understand the problem. Thanks to our in-house design team and manufacturing plant design and manufacture, a suitable cable was created that met their requirements.

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