Case Study

Adding value to coils in Commercial Fleet Vehicles

The Challenge

Our client manages multiple distribution centres across the UK, with over 2500 trailers and 750 trucks.

Over the years their fleet had been fitted with a mismatch of multi-length and low-quality coils which delivered poor customer service through fleet downtime and poor On Time Delivery in store.

They came to us because they wanted a more reliable source for a commodity item.

We were able to help because of our agility and willingness to find a solution. We turned what is normally a commodity item into a specifically designed value-added improvement to their fleets’ functionality and reliability.

Through the project our client learned to respect the importance of a quality coil even as a commodity item.

The process and solution

Once we had understood the challenge, we were able to apply our know-how and expertise to provide a high quality bespoke solution.

During the process we were able to support the client in recognising the respect that should be given to the connection between a tractor unit and a trailer, and to demonstrate the added value that comes when the team look after this.

We created customised / bespoke products in respective brand colours and reference numbers, allowing our customers to have real traceability and accurate KPIs to be able to monitor and record track the durability and longevity of each product.  This project delivered costs saving of over 50% for the Fleet Manager in procurement spend and reduced downtime whilst obviously improving safety for all.


Reduced fleet costs, improved vehicle availability and adding to an excellent on-time performance.

This approach has also been replicated with a number of large fleets across the UK and in Europe. Managing the behaviour of the teams involved requires a certain amount of education.

We work with a number of leading supermarkets, ensuring their electrical suzies and airlines  complement the equipment being used to ensure minimum downtime in a ‘just-in-time’ environment.

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