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Production Technologies

From our fully equipped factory, we can supply a complete range of custom-built cable assemblies of all styles and complexity in low, medium or high volume.

Whatever your requirement, whatever your environment. Autac’s cable assemblies deliver to your exact specification.


Through utilising in-house injection moulding machines, we’re able to produce overmoulded cable assemblies that are impervious to fluids, making them suitable for harsh environments. Overmoulded cables also have the ability to withstand shock, vibration and continual flexing without damage to the termination point.

Automatic Cut, Strip & Crimp

By utilising our extensive range of fully calibrated, Cutting, Stripping & Crimping machines, cables can be supplied with most terminations and to almost any length, colour and pin out configurations – in both shielded and unshielded options.

Heat Shrink/Sleeve Cutting   

All standards of heat shrink, PVC Sleeve, and Ribbon Cable cut precisely to length with 100% repeatability.

Crimp Termination Quality

A Wirmec Motorized Dynamometer pull test machine capable of testing to 1000 newtons is employed on a daily basis to ensure the quality, integrity, and repeatability of all terminations.

Electrical Testing

Fully automatic continuity, shorts and HiPot testing is available using our Cirris & cablejog testers. All modules are expandable and have the capability to test single circuit to complex and fully sealed harnesses.

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