Autac Assemblies

Working with leading manufacturers and assembly operations to deliver high quality Looms, Power Boxes and Cable Assemblies. Delivering success through innovation, engagement and focus from our team of experts in design and assembly.

Autac Assemblies is one of the leading UK manufacturers and commercial suppliers of custom cable assemblies, cable harnesses and wiring looms.

The team at Autac Assemblies understand the trust our customers give us and in turn build quality products that support component or complete part assemblies with manufacturers of electric products across the world.

At Autac Assemblies, we pride ourselves on being able to take your cable assembly challenge and being able to find the right solution for you and your business.

Concept, design and in-house manufacturing.

Bring us your problem

Whether it is something you are already making, something that you are thinking of making or maybe you have something that needs revamping or bringing up-to-date for the next generation within the cable assembly world then come to us and ask.

Our approach

Our specialist team of experts, combined with our fully equipped in-house manufacturing facilities ensure that we can help you to find the most appropriate and effective solution for your business.


With almost 30 years’ experience, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service at all times. Whether we are supplying that vital component on time, manufacturing a special cable assembly to your specification, or helping you to achieve those ever tighter cost targets, we can guarantee you will not find better service elsewhere.


Quality always matters—all electronic products stand or fall on the quality of their components. Fast delivery and competitive cost is of little value if poor quality lets you down. Autac Assemblies only deal with proven manufacturers that consistently produce the quality of component our customers demand.

Bespoke testing programmes

Every product we manufacture is tested to either the customer’s or our own vigorous specifications, to ensure complete product reliability. Our experienced ‘Test and Inspection’ team are fully equipped to test multi-point HI pot, resistance, continuity and capacitance measurement whilst providing full traceability and test reports for each assembly.

Our Value Added

Short lead times

Reliable logistics

High levels of quality

Competitive pricing

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