Our Approach

How Autac helps you to succeed

Our focus on an ‘Inside Out’ approach helps to create your sustainable, profitable and innovative cable business for the future. We thrive on developing bespoke solutions and do so through a team of passionate forward-thinking people, delivering quality without compromise.

Autac’s agile ‘can do’ attitude supports you in tackling your cable challenges and in capitalising on opportunities to ‘Help you to Succeed’. Our in-house design and innovation team offers expert insight into developing and enhancing new or existing cable constructions. Our holistic support comes in the form of complementary business platforms that add value to your operation, supply chain and customer experience.


Certified ISO 9001:2015, quality products and services are at the core of everything we do.

From the earliest iteration through to product delivery. Our experienced in-house design and manufacturing team consistently deliver the highest standards across all processes and areas of the business and all within the ISO 9001 framework and culture.

Our culture is based on best practice, continuous improvement and hard work to fuel the ongoing development of new processes and products. The result? Design and manufacturing capabilities at the highest standard. Delivering on clients’ expectations wherever they might be in the world. Each and every time.

Access our ISO Certificate here.

Solutions driven

Our ‘can do attitude’ resonates across everything we do. We delight in finding the most appropriate and effective solutions to meet and overcome our customers’ challenges.

We deliver time and again through: applying our 50-year track record in cable design, manufacture and assembly; investing in a continual growth strategy, forging partnerships with other calibre suppliers across industry; understanding our clients’ exact requirements and applying
our R&D knowledge to test the simple and explore the challenging; and using our family of complementary business units as the vehicle through which we provide a true ‘end to end’ supply chain to the market and additional value to our customers.


Why are we recognised as an innovative, trusted and exciting brand? Simply because we’re continually developing new and improved ways of doing things, benchmarking within the cable industry and leading the way in best practices.

Innovations in new cables and connectors has made Autac a ‘go to company’ in bespoke cable manufacturing. Applying new technologies in raw materials has enabled us to deepen our expertise in diverse sectors and international markets such as Military, Marine and Medical.

We understand that ‘Knowledge is Power’ and continually drive the way forward into emerging markets through concepts such as our new Electrical Vehicle venture and KTP.
Open minded and curious. We’re always looking at challenging the norm through new technologies, process and planning.

Customer Service

With a 3rd generation, family run business comes a strong in-house culture and unshakeable commitment to Customer Service. Thanks to our strong customer focused values and our ‘Inside-Out’ approach, every member of our Autac team, from in-house design to procurement, sales to manufacturing, is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Customers across industry and the globe trust in us to improve performance, reduce costs and develop a more efficient supply chain through initiatives such as our in-house product branding service, ready shelf packaging and product or partner sourcing on behalf of our customers.

Our Cable Assemblies business and EV division help our customers derive the benefits of supply chain extension.

Our Values

Our values are engrained in the DNA of our business, feeding our people with an approach that manifests itself in our quality and reputation.

We’re driven by six core values:

  1. Teamwork: by working together across teams, departments and our business units of Products, Assemblies and EV, we’re able to derive the best ideas and approaches for our clients at every step of their journey.
  2. Consistency: maintaining quality and care across our products, services and processes to ensure the same excellence from our first inception conversation with you to the delivery of your finished product.
  3. Efficiency: our continual investment in new technology and commitment to KTP ensures our clients benefit from the latest in cutting-edge best practice.
  4. Professionalism: we’ve never lost sight of our family-run ethos where customer trust sits firmly at its centre.
  5. Honesty: we will always be open and upfront in our assessment of your requirements and in how best to meet them.
  6. Be the Best: ever striving to be the best version of ourselves by building on our four pillars of: Quality; Solutions Driven; Innovation; and Customer Service.

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