End Preparation & Assembly


General End-Preparation options
Standard End-preparation options including: Sheath-Stripping, Core-Stripping, Tinning, Ferruling, etc. available on all cables


Trailers, Caravans and Commercial Vehicles: 7-Core - 24N (ISO 1185), 24S (ISO 3731), 12N (ISO 1724), 12S (ISO 3732)
End-preparation options available for Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and Caravans applications including: 24N (ISO 1185), 24S (ISO 3731), 12N (ISO 1724), 12S (ISO 3732) Moulded Plugs / Fitted Plugs and Sockets, Ferruling etc.

EBS-ABS-24V-12V-ISO-7638-1 ISO7638-2-plugs-and-Sockets

Commercial Vehicles: 24V and 12V EBS, ABS and Parking Sockets (ISO 7638-1 & ISO 7638-2)
EBS & ABS Plug and Socket options available for Commercial Vehicles including: EBS 7-Pole and ABS 5-Pole 24V Plugs and Sockets, EBS 7-Pole 12V Plugs & Sockets and parking sockets available in addition to standard End-Preparation options

15-Pole-and-Adaptor-ISO 12098-Plugs-and-Sockets

Commercial Vehicles: 24V 15-Pole and Adaptor Plugs and Sockets (ISO 12098)
15-Pole Plug and Socket options available for Commercial Vehicles including: 15-Pole Plugs and Sockets (ISO 12098), and 24N Plug (ISO 1185) / 24S Plug (ISO 3731) to 15-Pole Plug (ISO 12098) Adaptors


Battery-Charging Systems Plugs and Sockets (Including ISO 25981)
1, 2, 3 and 7-Pole Battery-Charging Plug and Socket options available for Commercial Vehicles including: 1-Pole Red (Female) and Black (Male) Moulded Plugs and Fitted Sockets, 2 and 3-Pole Moulded Plugs and Fitted Sockets, and 7-Pole Fitted Plugs and Sockets to ISO 25981


Miscellaneous and Specialist: Camera Systems, 8 & 13-Pole (ISO11446-1) and 13-Pole WeSt/Multicon, Military etc.
A wide variety of parts available including Blue 7 & 15-Pole Camera Systems Plugs and sockets; 13-Pole WeSt/Multicon Plugs And Sockets, 8 & 13-Pole ISO 11446-1 Plugs and sockets, 13-Pole (ISO12098-based design) Plugs and Sockets, Heavy-Duty Military Plugs and Sockets etc.


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